Terms of sale.

'When the metal comes alive'. Let it be a joy for live


'Quand le métal prend vie'.  c'est la joie pour la vie


... en het metaal komt tot leven. Laat het een plezier zijn voor uw leven.


Thank you for your intrest in my work

Merci pour votre intéresse

Dank u voor uw belangstelling in mijn werk


Peter Meyers



All prices are exclusive of shipping/transport charges.


Payments can be made by bank transfer or effectuated securely online by using your credit or debit card with PayPal, without requiring a PayPal account. 


Further details and cost of shipping will be provided upon email request. Please send us 

  • the name of the sculpture you like to purchase or are inquiring about
  • your name and delivery address
  • your method of payment: bank transfer or PayPal

© Sabam Belgium : Peter Meyers is registered as artist sculptor with Sabam, the Belgian society of authors, composers and editors for the protection of the rights. None of the images shown on this website may be used without permission of Peter Meyers. The copyright is protected by Sabam and its associated representatives throughout the world.

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