Peter Meyers

                    Le Château                   
                    71550 Roussillon en Morvan       
tel/ 0033(0)

DATE OF BIRTH:        29th January 1945
NATIONALITY:         Belgian


Temse, Academy:                    Landscape and portrait painting
Sint-Niklaas, Academy :                Sculptures
Antwerp:                        Studio Jan Nelen
Anderlecht, Academy (A. Ketele,C. Vervoort):
    Specialisation metal sculptures
Member of S.A.B.A.M. , K.V.B.K.B , S.N.S.P.,

Les Artistes Autunois Contemporains ,
Morvan Artistique

Jury Biennale Malta 2005 Sculpture,
         sculptures monumentales 2009 ,2011Azé (Mâcon)

Selection Rubens Art place 1993' – Prijs ‘De Badts 1993' (Temse Academy)
Kulturamaprijs 1995
Award - sculpture - Sint-Niklaas academy 1996
Eervolle vermelding prijs plastische kunsten Lede 1996
Distinction Award Biennale Malta 1997
Diploma di merito 1998 concours international Α Roma Arte 2000"
Prix D’or - Salon des Artistes Belges 1999 Liège
Prix Rome ’Artiste de l’Année 2000’ 1999
Prix D’argent - Grand Prix Everarts 1999 Paris
Prix D’argent division sculpture - Biennale Malta 1999
Distinction Award Biennale Malta 1999 Monotypes
First price sculpture - Grolla D’oro 1999 - Treviso - Italy
Roma arte 2000 finals –‘Artista del giubileo’
Grand Prize Biennale Malta 2001 Sculpture
Selection Grand prix de Barbizon 2005
Prix d’argent – Tournus 2007
Prix d’or – sculptures monumentales 2008 Azé (Mâcon)
Prix d’or – sculptures monumentales 2010 Azé (Mâcon)

Prix sculptures - Académie d'art Mâcon 2013

Prix du Conseil Général de la Nièvre



Tempra Museum Mgarr Malta Wignacourt museum Rabat Malta Museo municipal Vasto Italy


villes d'Autun,Anost,Chagny ,Château-chinon

Town Hall: Peymeinade, Fontaine lès Dijon


© Sabam Belgium : Peter Meyers is registered as artist sculptor with Sabam, the Belgian society of authors, composers and editors for the protection of the rights. None of the images shown on this website may be used without permission of Peter Meyers. The copyright is protected by Sabam and its associated representatives throughout the world.

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